Black Angreal
By Calvin Fort
Activation: Touch Affinities: None Size: Tiny Weight: ¼ lb. Occurrence: Rare

These Angreal look like small children carved of ivory. To all inspection they appear to be Angreal with a Power Rating of 1 to 3 (male and female versions where made). They were made during the War of Power by the forces of the Dark One to destroy enemy channelers (and rivals). They function just like Angreal with one exception: any time a channeler uses one, they must make a Fortitude save as if they had just overchanneled and failed the concentration check , but the weave still goes off. (IE- using a Power Rating 2 requires a save as if the channeler had cast a weave 2 levels higher than the slot used.) Ignore any result that fails by 10 or less, and the channeler doesn’t notice

Ring of Madness
By Eric Nickel
Activation: Wear Affinities: None Size: Tiny Weight: ¼ lb Occurrence: Rare

This ring acts the same as an Angreal or Sa’angreal of any power rating. There is only one difference with it. Every time the channeler uses the Ring of Madness, they gain 1d6 of permanent Madness. In the case of the Madness caused by Saidin before Rand Al’Thor cleansed it, it causes men to gain 2d6 permanent Madness ratings. There is a chance to realize the madness comes. With a Spot check DC 30 – the rating of Madness just gained, the channeler realizes there is a bad taste in her mouth. This ring seems to be made of glass, except the glass is not perfect. The glass ring has black flecks throughout. Both male and female versions were made.

This ring was manufactured during the Shadow Wars in order to create havoc throughout the Dragons forces. Most were found before they made the channeler go mad and then destroyed. But some still exist.

Variable Angreal
By Eric Nickel
Power Rating: 0-2, sometimes -1 Attunement: Either (See Text)

Like its more common counterpart, the Variable Angreal boosts a channelers use of the power. But unlike the Angreal, the Variable Angreal doesn’t always boost it the same amount. It usually looks like the statuettes except for two main differences. First, the Variable Angreal always seems to be made of wood. Second, the male or female wooden statuette is always holding a chicken. The exact amount that the Variable Angreal boosts the channelers weave is determined by the table below.

No one really knows where the Variable Angreal came from. Some think it was created by the dreadlords during the Shadow Wars. Others think it was just some young channelers who wanted to be funny. Either way, they are around and at large.

D6 Power
1 -1 to weave
2-3 +0 to weave
4-5 +1 to weave
6 +2 to weave


Bloodburn Amulets
By Scott Garner
Power Rating: 3+ Attunement: 1 male, 1 female

Much like the Choedan Kal, these powerful Sa'angreal was forged during the Age of Legends, as a precursor to the Choedan Kal themselves. The amulets, created out of red marble, were carved to resemble a rose's blossom, with an inset eye of either ivory or obsidian, depending upon the gender the amulet was attuned to.

The amulets, while they do possess the buffers that allow channeling without danger, are only safe in the first three levels of enhancement. They can be used as sa'angreal of any strength up to Power Rating 8, but at a frightening cost. The Bloodburn Amulets actually utilize the user's lifeforce to enhance the buffers, so that the user has no risk of their powers burning out, although they do run the risk of dying as their own internal energies are consumed to prevent the True Source from searing their ability out of them. Each Power Rating of enhancement above 3 causes 2d6 points of damage as the wearer's lifeforce is drawn through the Sa'angreal, and their eyes bleed from the sheer overload.

The male amulet was never actually used in battle, but the female amulet was used by Miranda Sedai to defend against a massive horde of shadowspawn lead by one of Aginor's lieutenants. Forced by the actions of Lews Therin and his companions into backing their play, the majority of both the Army of the Light and the Tower's forces were engaged in a diversionary assault against Shayol Ghul. The enemy horde attacked utilizing the gateways, and were almost at the gates of Asar Don when Miranda took action. She utilized the entirety of her lifeforce, and sent out twisting ropes of lightning that not only decimated the army assaulting the city, but also destroyed every Shadowspawn within 100 miles.


Aginor’s Gazebo
By Calvin Fort
Activation: Enter Affinities: None Size: Huge? Or bigger Weight: 5000 lbs. Occurance: Unique

This ter’angreal is made up of four square pillars supporting a square roof that peaks in the center. The peak is 3 spans high, the outer edge of the roof is 2 spans high, and the pillars circumscribe an area 2 spans by 2 spans. The structure is black and feels like smooth onyx that is slightly warm to the touch. The pillars are covered in sharp angular lines that give the viewer the impression that the pillars twist slightly was they go up. Whether this ter’angreal was made by Aginor or one of his apprentices is unknown, but it was based on Aginor’s experiments during the Age of Legends. Within seconds of stepping entirely under the roof, a person will begin to under go convulsions. Within minutes, the hapless person will have been transformed into a Trolloc. While this is happening, a barrier of the One Power will protect the ter’angreal and it’s contents from outside interference (i.e. – “Master Ward”). One in 100 victims are transformed into Myrddraal, although the odds go to 5 in 100 if the victim is a channeler. Some victims actually retain parts of their memory, in a twisted fashion (i.e. – may retain some non-channeling class levels). This ter’angreal was found after the sealing of the Dark One’s prison, but was lost before it could be destroyed during the Breaking.

Allasin Battlestaff
By Calvin Fort
Activation: Wield Affinities: None Size: Large Weight: 10 lb. Occurrence: Rare

These quarterstaffs are named for the last person known to wield one, a Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah during the Trolloc Wars. It appears like a masterpiece oak quarterstaff shod with red metal, but when examined the wood actually feels like stone. Despite its weight, this staff is just as easy to wield as a normal masterpiece quarterstaff and grants it’s wielder remarkable combat prowess.

First, the wielder can defend herself better than normal. The wielder may use the Combat Expertise feat; if the she already has Combat Expertise the limit is increased from 5 to 10.

Second, the wielder can attack better than normal. Once per day, the wielder may take an extra attack action as if they had the Heroic Surge feat. If she already has Heroic Surge, she functions as if 4 levels higher for effect of the feat. The extra action granted by this staff can only be used to attack with the staff.

Finally, a wielder already skilled with a quarterstaff can attack multiple opponents with legendary prowess. In game terms, if the wielder has Weapon Focus (quarterstaff), she gains the Whirlwind Attack feat. If she already has the Whirlwind Attack feat, she can make a Whirlwind attack as an attack action rather than as a full round action. Only one Whirlwind Attack can be made per round.

Animal Statuettes
By Calvin Fort
Activation: Carry Affinites: None Size: Tiny Weight: ½ lb. Occurrence: Rare

These items are similar to the Cat statuette. Each is small enough to fit comfortably in a human palm, and is made of various types of stone or metal. Each gives the bearer skills attributed to the animal it is carved to resemble. Some examples are:

Spider = +10 bonus to Climb Owl = +1 bonus to Wisdom and +10 bonus Sense Motive Mouse = +10 bonus to Hide Crow = +10 bonus to Appraise Rabbit = +10 bonus to Jump

Athur’s Wartable
By Calvin Fort
Activation: See text Affinities: None Size: Large Weight: 500 lb. Occurrence: Unique

This ter’angreal is a large stone table similar to wooden tables used by generals to devise battle strategies. The table has an object similar to a writing quill attached to it by a cord. There are no knots or rings connecting the cord to the quill or the table, it simply merges with both. Despite having no ink, the quill can mark the surface of the table. Set just above the surface of the table, and running lengthwise along the edge are two rails on which rest a bar that runs the width of the table. The bar just clears the surface of the table, and when pulled along the rails from one end to the other, the bar will erase all markings made by the quill. It is named after Athur Hawkwing, but the great commander never actually possessed this ter’angreal.

To use this ter’angreal, a general sketches out the positions of troops, terrain and anything else that may affect the impending battle. After studying what he has sketched, he may devise a battle plan that will lead to a greater chance of success. Then he must instruct his troops in this battle plan. Any ally (and the general) who receives orders based on this battle plan receives a competence bonus on attack and a dodge bonus to Defense and Reflex saving throws. This bonus lasts for full day, and is good only against enemies who were detailed on the table. Thus, if an unknown fist of Trollocs launches a surprise attack, the allies do not get the bonuses against them. The bonus is equal to the general’s intelligence bonus, unless the orders are passed down a chain of command, then the bonus is equal to the intelligence bonus of the instructing officer. Note: an instructing officer cannot pass along a bonus greater than what they would receive.

For example: Using this table, Matrim Cauthon (Int 14) creates a battle plan and has it passed along his chain of command. One of his lieutenants has an Int of 13, and the lieutenant has a patrol leader with an Int of 16. The lieutentant would receive a +2 from Matrim, but would only pass on a +1 to the patrol leader. The patrol leader would only pass on the +1 he receive, not +3.

Bonded Rings
Eric Nickel
Activation: Wear Affinities: Spirit Size: Tiny Weight: 1/8 lb. Occurrence: Unique

These rings are a pair, though the pair may not be together. These two rings create a temporary warder-like bond between two people. The wearers need not be channelers for the rings to work. Each ring bonds itself to the wearer upon donning it. The ring cannot be removed unless a pair of channelers, in a circle, removes it for the person. The channelers must be of opposite sex, i.e. Male and female. Knowledge of this process is lost. The only other way to remove either ring is by death. If the wearer is dead, the ring may be removed. Each ring is made of cuindillar. They seem to adjust themselves to fit the wearer.

Special: The only effects bestowed upon the wearers are the knowledge of the wearer’s location and knowledge of the wearer’s death. If in any case either ring is worn by a channeler, all other parts of the Bond Warder weave take effect as if the weave had been woven upon the non-channeler and the rings act just as the weave in all fashions. If two channelers wear the rings, each channeler gets the benefits of the bond warder weave.

Boots of Flying
By WOTC and Jessica Wilke
Activation: Wear, weave sacrifice 4th level Affinities: Air, Spirit Size: Small Weight: 2 lb. Occurrence: Unique

This item is a set of hard leather boots sized for a human male. They automatically shape themselves to the wearer’s foot when worn. Each boot has a white wing embroidered into the outer side of the boot. When the weave sacrifice is woven into the wings, they sprout out and begin flapping. The user of these boots move as the Fly weave. These boots do not require concentration to maintain the wings. Instead the wings last for 1 full hour. At the end of this time, the user floats back to the ground also as the Fly weave.

Catapult of Exploding Stones
Jeff Grygiel
Activation: Weave Sacrifice: 5th level Affinities: Earth, Fire Size: Huge Weight: 1000 lb. Occurrence: Unique

For one hour after activation, any natural stone fired from this catapult functions as if the 4th level weave Grenade was cast upon it.

Cat’s Eye Pendant
By Eric Nickel
Activation: Wear Affinities: Air, Fire, Spirit Size: Small Weight: ½ lb. Occurrence: Rare

This beautiful pendant is made of gold and set with a Tiger Eye. Upon donning the pendent, the wearer is bestowed with low-light vision.

Circlet of Beauty
By WOTC and Jessica Wilke
Activation: Wear Affinities: Air, Fire, Spirit Size: Small Weight: 1 lb. Occurrence: Rare

The appearance of this object varies from crown to circlet. It is always that of a king’s or other type of rulers head worn symbol of power. This item gives the wearer a bonus of +2 to charisma. The crown makes the features of the face look generally better in appearance. The effect is gradual, but noticeable.

Creators Light
By WOTC and Dominic Pinchott
Activation: None Affinities: Fire Size: Tiny Weight: 1 lb. Occurrence: Uncommon

This torch emits light constantly. The light is never ending. It is emitted from the top of the torch like a normal torch flame would be, but it has no flame like characteristics. The torch itself looks like a torch with a white glow coming from just above the handle. The light extends in a 20 ft. radius around the torch.

Delving Rod
By Calvin Fort
Activation: Wield Affinities: Water Size: Small Weight: 1 lb. Occurrence: Common

This Ter’angreal is a Y shaped rod of wood that allows its wielder to locate a source of fresh water easily. The possessor holds the two forks of the Y gently in their hands while concentrating only on water. The holder must then succeed at a search check, the DC dependent upon the distance to the source of water. Success allows the wielder to progress one category closer to the nearest source, while failure leads her in the opposite direction and one category farther away. Succeeding by more then 5 locates all sources within range and gives a general idea of the size of the water source (Fine, Tiny, Small, Medium-size, and so on). The wielder can ignore smaller sources to find larger ones. The rod will lead the wielder to directly above underground sources of water, but the distance underground is also used to determine the DC of the search check.

Example: The Wisdom for a small village has been asked to locate a new well. Using a Delving Rod, she gets a 17 on her search check, and is able to locate water within 250 feet and can move within 100 feet of the water. She then rolls a 9 and wanders away from the water. Finally she rolls a 21 and learns the there are two water sources within 250 feet, one size huge and one size tiny.

Distance Search DC
10 feet 2
50 feet 5
100 feet 10
250 feet 15
750 feet 20
3000 feet 25
2.5 miles 30
15 miles 35

A channeler with an affinity for Water has a +2 affinity bonus to the search check, thus leading to the common belief that women make better Delvers. A channeler who sacrifices a weave lowers the DC based on the strength of the weave: a 0 level weave lowers by 1 step, a 1st by 2 steps, a 2nd by 3 steps, etc. Having an affinity for water and sacrificing a weave grants 1 additional step (a 0 level gives 2 steps, 1st gives 3 steps, etc.)

Ogier Treesingers can sing a version of the Delving Rod that the wielder cannot sacrifice weaves to.

It is rumored that during the Age of Legends, there were Delving Rods that could locate metal deposits and had an affinity for Earth. Such rods would be Rare today.

Dreadlord’s Breastplate
By Calvin Fort
Activation: Wear, Weave sacrifice: 1st Affinities: Spirit Size: Medium Weight: 30 lb. Occurance: Uncommon

These ornate masterpiece breastplates date back to the Trolloc Wars, and were worn by a few Dreadlords and other Darkfriend generals. This armor is dangerous to the wearer when worn by someone who has NOT sworn there soul to the Dark One. Every time the wearer is struck in combat, the wear gains 1d3 madness (Will save DC 15 + damage to resist). On a successful critical, the madness is multiplied by the critical modifier (i.e. x3 critical = 3d3 madness). Once the wear has gained any madness in this fashion, the wearer seems to compelled the wear to this suit over all other armors, even going so far as to put their own life at stake to put on the breastplate before entering combat. A Darkfriend is immune to these two effects.

When worn by a Darkfriend who can find someone to weave a simple flow of Spirit through the armor and the Darkfriend, while the Darkfriend swears an oath to the Dark One, the true powers of this ter’angreal are awaked. The Darkfriend gains a +4 enhancement bonus to Strength, +2 bonus to Dexterity and Constitution, and a +10 bonus to movement while not being encumbered by the armor. As a full round action, the wearer can Rend, as per the 4th level weave, one opponent with a successful touch attack, using the wearer’s strength bonus as their casting level. If the wearer is a channeler, they can Shield opponents by sacrificing a weave 3 levels lower then the level of the shield spell required. The wielder also has access to the Sever weave, but they must sacrifice a weave of either 6th level (same gender) or 12th (opposite gender).

By Scott Garner
Activation: Wield, and special Affinities: None Size: Medium Weight: 3 lbs. Occurence: Unique

Dreamwalking was always thought to be a woman's art, mainly because of the virtual monopoly the Wise Ones have in the teaching. But approximately 250 years before the reincarnation of Lews Therin Telamon, a set of twins was born to the chieftan of the Taardad Aiel. Rhianne was sussed out as a powerful channeler, and funneled into training as a Wise One at an early age. Her brother, Jann, was similarly lucky. He too was found to have the talent to walk the realm of dreams, and his sister broke with custom to teach him how to use his ability.

Their lives were as idyllic as a life in the wastes could be, and Jann soon found a home within the ranks of the Cor Darei society. This changed at age 16, when he first exhibited signs of being able to channel, and was sent north to die. Rhianne mourned, but little thought could be spared for someone already considered to be dead, when the rigors of daily life pressed as they did. Three months later, Rhianne was visited in her dreams by none other than her brother. A few short words, and Rhianne knew that he was fighting for his life, and wounded - perhaps mortally. Using an ability that had been forbidden to her, she stepped into the world of dreams, and travelled to his location in Tel'aran'rhiod. Opening a fissure in the plane, she stepped through reality to stand beside her brother, torrents of flame giving them time enough to escape back through the fissure. Four Myrddral followed them through, but her might in the One Power, in addition to her mastery over the realm of dreams, quickly overcame them, although the victory wasn't without cost...

Rhianne was dying, and nothing that Jann knew would save her... or him. Their deaths, the deaths of two powerful channelers and dreamwalkers, caused a resonance in the dreamscape. It suffused the spear Jann had been wielding, and tied it inexplicably to Tel'aran'rhiod. Jann was the first and only wielder of Dreamdart to this date and his death was quick as he finished his quest north, Dreamdart in hand. From his hand, Dreamdart jumped back to Tel'aran'rhoid and has only been glimpsed since.

Dreamdart is a powerful weapon, considered a +2 power-wrought weapon, with a number of special qualities. The spear itself does not exist wholly in either plane of existance, and has only been glimpsed, never mastered, by any who enter the dream realm. In truth, only a male dreamwalker who has absolutely no aptitude in channeling can utilize the blade, but only under special circumstances. The blade, like the Eye of the World, responds to the need of a prospective wielder.

Dreamdart's blade is one of its most distinguishing characteristic, and one of the surest clues that it does not completely belong within the waking realm. Seeming to shift and twist under the eye, it's very shape and lustre alter from second to second, causing a minor headache in anyone staring at it. It can flicker between realms at will, and with a Will save (DC 8) will appear in the grasp of the wielder, no matter where he is. Unfortunately, should the Will save be failed, the blade will either lose its link to the dream realm, and become only a +1 power-wrought weapon, or disappear into the mists of Tel'aran'rhiod.

The wielder may also declare the use of a Soul Strike once per day. The attack not only does maximum damage, but it also bypasses any magical, natural, or technological armor.

By Eric Nickel
Activation: Removal from scabbard Affinities: Air, Earth, Fire, Spirit, Water Size: Medium Weight: 4 lb. Occurrence: Unique

This long sword appears to be of fine make. It has intricate carvings on the blade and finely sculpted pommel and cross guard. Every time it is drawn from the scabbard, it makes hypnotic music. This music isn’t really heard, so it can only be detected with a listen check at a DC of 25. Each round the sword is free of the scabbard, everyone within a 20 ft. radius must make a Will save at a DC of 14 or fall asleep for 1d6 rounds. The roll is done in secret by the GM and the players don’t even know what is going on. They feel drowsy and don’t know what is going on the round that they fail and they are asleep by the end of the round. When asleep, the sleep continues until the sword is sheathed again or the sleep time runs out, whichever comes first. After they wake, if the sword is still out, they must continue to roll each round as before but at a –2 cumulative penalty for each time they fell asleep before.

Fan with Flaming Bird
By Calvin Fort
Activation: Weave sacrifice: 1st for 7, 2nd for 8, 3rd for 9 Affinities: Fire Size: Small Weight: ½ lb. Occurance: Rare

This is a silk fan with a fanciful picture of a bird that is made of fire drawn on it. It is believed that when used by very angry and willful women, that the fan can spit forth ribbons of fire in a cone, which can cut through metal as easily as flesh. The size of the cone varies, and not every willful woman has been able to produce it. There is a rumor that once a man produced this effect, but this is only a rumor of course.

Produces ‘Cutting Lines of Fire’ at level based on weave sacrificed.

Flute of Amenia Verdar
By Eric Nickel
Activation: Play Affinities: None Size: Medium Weight: 2 lb. Occurrence: Unique

The flute is of a famous gleewoman from Tear. It is rumored to be able to play itself. Its mouthpiece is of pure silver and its body is made of Ogier sung wood. Songs played on it are enchanting to listeners. It gives a +5 bonus to Perform checks made with it. It will at times play a song of its own volition, though that seems to not be controlled by the player. It is rumored that its songs can bring on visions in the listeners, even seemingly transporting them to the place the song is about, though most educated folk deem that to be an old wife’s tale and nothing more.

The flute remembers every song played on it. In extreme cases, shown below, it will begin playing on its own, but only after the first note has been played. In many cases, if there are words to the song, the flute will give the listeners visions of whatever the song is about from the eyes of whomever the song is seemingly sung by. Listeners may make a DC 20 Will save to resist its effects. While it’s playing on its own, the flute will float in midair and play the song. If the song has words, they will be sung in the ghostly voice of the original singer.

No one knows who created this flute or how long it has been around, but people will travel for miles just to hear it play. “It wos loik ye wus really there!”

D20 Effect
1-5 None
6-14 Listeners see visions if words come along with the song played
15-20 Flute plays random song known by it. Listeners see visions if song has words

Glass Hilt
By Calvin Fort
Activation: Wield Affinities: Air Size: Medium Weight: 2 lb. Occurrence: Rare

This bladeless glass hilt, when wielded, produces a blade of dull grey air. It is wielded as a long sword. It deals 1d10 damage and has a 19-20/x2 critical hit range.

Gold Bracelet of the Wise Woman
By Calvin Fort
Activation: Wear Affinities: Air, Spirit, Water Size: Tiny Weight: ½ lb. Occurrence: Rare

This gold bracelet is 2” wide and appears to be unbroken. It requires a search check (DC 15) to find the clasp. When worn by a person with 4 or more ranks of heal, the wearer may Delve, per the weave, a subject by touching them and concentrating. The wearer must make a heal check (DC = 10 + 2x Delve level) to determine the afflictions.

If worn by a channeler who casts the “Heal” weave, the weave is cast as if the channeler has the affinities Air, Spirit, and Water. If the channeler already has all these affinities, she casts the weave at +1 level beyond the affinity bonus. This does stack with an Angreal or Sa’angreal.

Harkon Crystal
By Calvin Fort
Activation: Hold Affinities: None Size: Tiny Weight: 1 lb. Occurrence: Unique

This ter’angreal is a clear crystal torus just small enough to be held in a man’s hand (It’s the size and shape of a donut!). When the holder puts his thumb through the hole of the crystal, the ter’angreal bends light around him to make the holder unseen. As long as the holder remains still, they are invisible. Movement results in a slightly visible blur, which someone might notice with a Spot check (DC 25 for a very small twitch, 20 for a more significant movement, 15 for violent jerk or substantial amount of movement).

Ivory Baby and Cradle
By Calvin Fort
Activation: Held while sleeping Affinities: None Size: Tiny Weight: - Occurance: Rare

This small figurine, less then 2” long, is carved to resemble a babe in a small cradle. When held in one’s hand while sleeping, the holder has peaceful and unremarkable dreams free of nightmares.

Jewel of Hideousness
By Eric Nickel
Activation: Wear Affinities: Air, Fire, Spirit Size: Tiny Weight: ¼ lb. Occurrence: Rare

This gem is a small green crystal that seems to be an emerald. It has the picture of a beautiful woman carved into it. It causes a slow reduction of charisma over time when carried. It need not be in physical contact, but must remain upon the person to have an effect. The wearer thinks that their charisma is actually higher, but it drops at a rate of one point every other day. This is gradual enough that each time it drops, each character in the party gets to roll a spot check DC 25 – Total Charisma Lost. To the wearer, every day seems to be a good hair day, their skin shines, and dark circles under the eyes fade to nothingness. To themselves, their charisma seems to go up as much as their Charisma goes down. To everyone else, the characters eyes become sunken, their hair is always disheveled, their teeth turn yellow, and warts and moles begin appearing on their face. This effect is gradual in either instance and does not all occur at once.

If the Jewel is removed from the person’s body, the effect reverses over the same period of time till the PC returns to normal. This Jewel would normally be worth 200 mk on the open market if nothing is known about it.

Medallion of Time
By Calvin Fort
Activation: None Affinities: None Size: Small Weight: ½ lb. Occurance: Rare

This small silver medallion is 2” in diameter and just under ½” thick. On one side is a relief carving of single rose surrounded by vines and thorns. The other side has a trefoil leaf on a background of vines and smaller leaves. The medallion hangs on a chain by a small silver ring. Under the ring is a small button, that when pushed causes the previously seamless appearing medallion to split open like a clamshell, revealing a clock face. The face has three small hands protected by a cover that is clear as glass but as hard as steel. At night, the hands and numerals of the clock face will glow when the medallion is open, allowing for the clock to be read at night. The medallion does not rust or tarnish, and has resisted damage by power wrought blades.

Many different carved designs where made, but all where made of a silver like material. The above was recorded to have been in the hands of a general of Manetheren during its fall in the Trolloc Wars.

Orb of Calling
By Brandon Stolz
Activation: Weave sacrifice: 1st level Affinities: Air, Spirit Size: Small Weight: 1 lb. Occurrence: Unique

This Ter’angreal allows the user the same effect as the weave Long Distance Call. It acts as if it were cast at 4th level. The Orb looks like a clear crystal sphere. The only difference between the orb and the weave is that the image of the person called appears within the sphere itself.

Rod of Splitting
By Calvin Fort
Activation: Cast a weave into the single end Affinities: None Size: Small Weight: 4 lb. Occurrence: Rare

This pale green pipe is as long as a human forearm and at one end has two pipes that spiral around each other. Approximately in the center of the rod, the two pipes merge into one pipe that continues the rest of the length. More often then not, these ter’angreal have been found at the bottom of craters, leading to the partially incorrect idea that they are very powerful weapons. To use this ter’angreal, a weave is cast into the single end and two duplicate weaves come out the opposite end. The caster (normally) has full control over the two exiting weaves.

Casting an inverted weave can be dangerous, per the following chart:

d100 Effect
1-25 Exiting weaves are inverted, caster has control of them
26-50 Exiting weaves are not inverted, caster has control of them
51-100 Exiting weaves are inverted, cast can not see or control them. Weaves affect random targets within the range of the weave.

Casting a weave into the double end is very dangerous to the caster. The rod begins pulling as much of the power through the caster into itself as it can. The caster must make a Concentration check, DC 40, to stop channeling. Any bonus(es) the caster has to overchanneling may be used on this check, and the caster may attempt this save once every round. Every round that the caster continues to channel into the rod in this fashion, she must make a Fortitude Save (DC = 15 + maximum weave level). Maximum weave level includes any Angreal or Sa’angreal the caster is using at that time. The DC of the Fortitude save goes up by 3 every round. Consult the table on pg. 163 for failing a fortitude save while attempting to overchannel for if (when) the caster fails. As long as the caster can still channel, this continues. The caster receives a +10 circumstance bonus to Will saves to resist being shielded or any other outside attempts to stop the flow of the Power through them.

Casting Balefire into either end results is a BALL of balefire with a radius equal to the range of that casting level. Only those on the very edge of this ball may attempt a reflex to get out of the blast. Oddly, the rod survives this blast undamaged.

Rose of Severing
By Calvin Fort
Activation: Held when set, Weave sacrifice to set: 0 Affinities: Spirit Size: Tiny Weight: ½ lb. Occurance: Unique

This ter’angreal resembles a short-stemmed rose, it is as durable as stone yet feels soft and does not sink when placed on water. This rose has been kept locked up within the White Tower for nearly 2000 years, and is perhaps forgotten to exist. When held and a simple weave of spirit is woven into the rose, the rose becomes a dangerous trap. The next channeler to hold the rose is severed from the sourced [Treat as if the rose is the opposite gender as the target with minimum casting prereq’s, i.e. – DC 28 to resist]. When the rose is trapped, the flower is red. Once is has been triggered it turns black until it is the next time it is set.

Rose Pedal Sphere
By Calvin Fort
Activation: Hold, weave sacrifice: 1st Affinities: Spirit Size: Small Weight: 8 lb. Occurrence: Unique

This ter’angreal is a smooth, highly polished sphere with a slightly pinkish tint about 12 inches in diameter. Inside the sphere is a 4 inch diameter rose in full bloom.

The sphere aids in teaching a girl to embrace the One Power. To do so, two women must be touching the sphere: the teacher and the student. If the student has a Block, she does not have to roll composure to access the Power. This allows a girls block to be broken at first level if they trained with it before then.

The sphere was stolen from the White Tower over 1500 years ago by a run away Accepted. By the time Tower agents had found her, she was dead of unknown causes and the sphere gone. It is believed that a similar ter’angreal may have been constructed to aid in teaching men to channel, if so what color it is and what the item inside of it may be is unknown.

Ruby Hilt
By Calvin Fort
Activation: Wield Affinities: Fire Size: Medium Weight: 2 lb Occurrence: Rare

This bladeless ruby hilt, 1 round after wielding, springs forth a blade of fire. It is wielded as a scimitar and requires a melee touch attack to hit. It deals 2d8 damage and has a critical hit range of 18-20/x2. The wielder does not get her strength bonus to hit or damage, but the sword can cut through objects if held in contact for at least a round. It cuts through 3 feet of wood, or 1 foot of stone/metal per round.

Scarlet Choker
By Calvin Fort
Activation: Wear, channeler only Affinities: None Size: Tiny Weight: - Occurrence: Unique

This ter’angreal is a scarlet choker with a diamond (200 mk appraisal value) hanging from it. It appears too small for the most petite woman to wear, but can be placed on the neck of even the largest warrior with ease. It does cause a little discomfort even to those used to wearing a choker, but most simply get used to the irritation (game mechanics the wear has –1 to their constitution).

The wearer of this necklace casts weaves with frightening speed. The casting time of all weaves is reduced as follows:

Normal casting time Hasted casting time
1 action unaffected
Full action 1 action
1 minute Full action
10 minutes 1 minute
20 minutes 10 minutes
30 minutes 20 minutes

Due to her haste in weaving, observers have a –2 circumstance penalty to their weavesight checks to identify the weaves she casts with a duration of instantaneous.

She also can embrace the source as a single action, if she already can do this then it is a free action. In addition, the wearer is granted the Heroic Surge feat, but only for casting additional weaves. A channeler with Heroic Surge get twice as many extra actions per day.

All of this power takes it’s toll on the wearer, as she will age faster than normal. Wearers age as if they were 5 levels lower, if this takes them below the minimum level for Slow Aging, then they age twice as fast as normal humans.

The choker takes 1 week to attune itself to the wearer to gain any benefit, so they can not simply put it on when needed. Of course, they have the full penalties for wearing the choker during the attunement period.

By Calvin Fort
Activation: Wear (Weave sacrifice 1st) Affinities: Spirit Size: Small Weight: 2 lb. Occurrence: Unique

This ter’angreal is a black metal mask designed to cover almost 1/3 of a man’s face, from the top of his forehead to his upper lip on his left side. The mask does not cover his ear or nose, and does not have an eyehole. This terrible object grants it’s wearer many advantages. First, he gains blindsight and the ability to feel the One Power being cast. The latter ability has a range of 100 ft per level of the weave being cast. Finally, if the wearer can channel, he may sacrifice a weave of spirit to create a psychic link between himself and 1d6+20 Trollocs. This ability is identical to the Trolloc Link of a Myrddraal.

Shadow Soul
By Eric Nickel
Activation: Wield Affinities: None Size: Medium Weight: 10 lb. Occurrence: Unique

This bastard sword is a dark blade etched with words in Trolloc. The handle is relatively simple and also black. The blade near the hilt is stamped with a raven. It is a +2 Power Wrought weapon. Also, when it strikes a creature, it deals 1d6 madness ratings. There is no save. The sword reads “Corrupter of Souls”.

Shoes of the Kal’atha’an Spirit Horses
By Eric Nickel
Activation: Weave Sacrifice: Level determines effect Affinities: Spirit Size: Small Weight: 1 lb. each Occurrence: Very Rare

These are horseshoes about two inches in diameter. They appear to be made of solid gold, though they never seem to show marks of wear or damage from any abrasion and never seems to melt when heated, although it does glow very brightly as normal metal would. When the shoes are placed on the ground, they can be channeled into. The spirit horse will remain until the next dawn.

Spirit horses have the same base statistics that the equivalent normal horse has, with the exception that take only 50% damage from physical attacks, are immune to heat attacks, take full damage from cold attacks, take half damage from air, water, and earth attacks, and take double damage from spirit attacks. Defeated spirit horses cannot be re-summoned for 48 hours from the time of their defeat. Normal spirit horses cannot cause damage, however, there have been some rumors of greater spirit horses that can attack and cause damage. Some have even been rumored to fly, although some believe that to only be an old wives tale. The spirit horses cannot wear additional armor or anything, for their insubstantial nature allows such physical items to pass through their bodies. The only part solid enough to hold physical items is the saddle/saddlebag combination. They can contain and carry the maximum normal load for the appropriate creature type without movement penalty, but exceeding the maximum limit will cause the extra weight to pass through the body and fall on the ground.

The type of spirit horse is dependent on the weave level used, and the number of horseshoes placed on the ground. It takes 5 minutes to summon a spirit horse, between arranging the shoes on the ground, and waiting while the summoned horse is constructed by the enchantment. This weave requires elements of both the male and female sides of the source and can only be done by circles as a result. There are ways to increase the potency of the spirit horses, but they require drains of power and some particular enhancements only accumulate to a limit. The precise effects are given in the following table.

Weave Level # of Shoes Required Stack Max Effect
2 1 - Lt Riding Horse
4 2 - Hvy Riding Horse, Lt War Horse
6 3 - Hvy War Horse
8 4 - Special
+1 - 5 “Fast”: +10’ Move rate, +2 to Reflex Saves
+1 - 10 "Tough": +10 Hp
+1 - 5 “Sturdy”: +2 AC, +2 to Fort Saves
+1 - 8 +1 to roll on “special” table
+2 - 3 “Greater”: Summoning lasts an additional day

There are several possible types in the “special” category. They have special abilities, but they cannot be specifically selected. The creature summoned is identified by rolling 1d4 and adding any bonus from special ability weave slots put to it. The number obtained is then referenced on the following chart. The higher the number, the greater the special creature is.

Die Roll Creature Summoned
1 Hvy. War Horse, can attack as normal
2 Hvy. War Horse, Armored (+6 AC), can attack but does 50% damage,
3 Hvy. War Horse, tough (+3 AC, +15 Hp), can attack but does 50% damage
4 6-legged Hvy. War Horse (+3 Dex, +15’ move, 6-leg carrying capacity), can rear up two front legs and attack without requiring a ride check, can attack at 50% damage
5 Eagle Horse, fly, can attack as normal
6 Blur Horse (+20’move, at cost of 1 Hp can use move action to take double move and cannot be opportunity attacked)
7 Ant Horse (30 Str, 35 AC, 80’ move, regenerate 1 Hp/2 rnds), climb of 50
8 Unicorn (Horn attack instead of bite for 2d6 + 3 x3 if charging), regeneration 2 Hp/1 rnd, rider never feels the effects of subdual damage while riding
9 Pegacorn, fly, horn attack as unicorn with additional 1d6 lightning damage, regeneration 3 Hp/1 rnd, rider never feels the effects of subdual damage while riding
10 Dragon Horse, fly, 28 Str, 30 AC, breathe fire in 15’ cone (5’ wide) for 3d6 fire damage, bite does 3d8 + strength bonus, regenerate 4 Hp/ 1 rnd, rider regenerates 1 Hp/ 1 rnd while riding

Cost: 1 solid gold horseshoe(42 gc), 1 light horse(10 mk), Steal the Spirit(lev 6), Arms of Air(lev 5), Harden Air(lev 4), 77 xp(each spell level squared)

Signet Ring of Daes Dae’mar
By Calvin Fort
Activation: Wear Affinities: None Size: Tiny Weight: - Occurrence: Rare

This item resembles a man’s signet ring, but appears to be made of blue glass and is smooth instead of having a signet. This ring is designed for making forgeries. When the ring is placed to a waxen seal, the ring will “remember” the seal and the writing within (for letters). From then on, with but a thought the wearer can perfectly imitate the handwriting and cause the ring to function as a perfect fake of the signet ring that made the original seal. The ring can “remember” 50 such seals, with their corresponding handwritings. The wear can concentrate on the ring to have it alter itself so that he can see the seal, but it is up to the wearer to remember who the signet belongs too, the ring will not tell you that three foxes is the seal of Mat Cauthon. If the seal, and handwriting, is a forgery, the seal and handwriting created by the ring will be perfect examples of the forgery thus pointing the blame to the original forger (unless the wearer of the ring is caught passing on the forgery).

Sildarian Battle Dress
By Eric Nickel
Activation: Wear Affinities: Fire Size: Medium Weight: 5 lb. Occurrence: Rare

This dress is made of soft, rich blue velvet. The bodice has lace accents around the neck line and wrists. The sides are slashed with a deep red satin. The slashing has many small pearls sewn with gold thread into an intricate pattern. The sleeves have gold and silver thread sewn into complicated patterns, mostly on the forearms. There is a ruby sewn into the center of each forearm that seems to be the focus of the patterns. The full skirts are in three layers. The bottom layer is made of the red satin. On top of that is a golden lace with small pearls set in it. The top skirt is made of the blue velvet and open in front to show some of the underskirt. It is pleated and darted to create waves of fabric. The overskirt is covered with patterns of silver and gold thread. There is a ruby in the center of some of the patterns.

This dress is magical. It never gets dirty or worn out, but it can be damaged by silver or gold weapons. It has a damage reduction of 3/silver,gold. All reduced damage is soaked by the dress, and is recorded. It charges up the rubies. When the rubies are all fully charged, the dress explodes in a shower of flame. Each ruby can soak up to 20 Damage. A weave of water and spirit can be used to drain the energy from the rubies at a rate of 1d6 per weave level. Dresses contain between 7 and 12 rubies (1d6 + 6).

These dresses are so beautiful that they increase the wearer’s charisma by +2 and increase her reputation by +3. These dresses are exceedingly rare. The rubies are nothing special and act as rubies of 10 GC value when removed. The secret is the patterns of the threads. The patterns can become damaged when the wearer is struck by a silver or gold weapon. When this damage occurs, the ruby that was in the center of the pattern is useless to the dress. The dress transfers the stored power to another ruby and continues as if it never had that pattern. When the dress is full, each intact pattern bursts into a magical flame that does the exact amount of damage absorbed, all at one time. The wearer gets no save, but those within 5’ must make a reflex save or take ½ damage. Patterns can be repaired by one with the knowledge and time to do it.

For example, a dress with 7 rubies has absorbed 97 damage. Two of the patterns are ruined. The wearer is hit again for 2 more. The dress now contains 99 damage. The wearer took none of the damage from the last hit because the dress soaked the damage. The wearer gets hit again for 4 damage. The dress soaks one more, because there are only 5 intact patterns. The dress is now full. The wearer takes the remaining 3 damage. Then the dress bursts into flame. The flame does 100 damage to the dress wearer and the opponent that hit her must make a reflex save or take 50 damage.

Silver Utensils of Food
By Brandon Stolz
Activation: Hold Affinities: None Size: Small Weight: 1 lb. Occurrence: Uncommon

These utensils usually come in the set of knife, fork, and spoon. When these items are used to eat with, the food eaten becomes sanitary. All poisons are removed from the food and all chance of sickness negated. These utensils were used primarily after the breaking by kings and queens in order to prevent poisoning by the food eaten with them. Occasionally travelers would be found with them. They are extremely useful items whose values were lost as the items themselves disappeared into obscurity. They appear to be a set of eating utensils made purely of silver. They are of masterwork quality and always maintain a bright shine to them. Some sets included a cup and/or a bowl but these items were not commonplace. If separated by more then a few feet(10ft) for more then a day, the utensils lose all magical properties.

Sling of Exploding Stones
By Jeff Grygiel
Activation: Weave sacrifice: 1st level Affinities: Earth, Fire Size: Small Weight: ¼ lb. Occurrence: Rare

For one minute after activation, any natural stone fired from the sling functions as if the 0th level weave Grenade was cast upon it.

Source Sensor
By Scott Garner
Activation: Wield Affinities: None Size: Tiny Weight: 1/2 lb. Occurence: Rare

This ter'angreal indicates a source of active channeling within 3 miles, the method of which differs with the actual construction of the ter'angreal. Most of these sensors are one of two things: small carved birds, suspended by a cord of precious metal, or rings set with an eight-faceted precious stone.

Supposedly, these sensors can differentiate between saidin and saidar, as well as indicate the precise distance the channeling occurs from the sensor itself. Unfortunately, no one has been quite able to determine the telltales.

Spectacles of Disguise
By Eric Nickel
Activation: Wear Affinities: Air, Fire, Spirit Size: Tiny Weight: ½ lb. Occurrence: Rare

These spectacles have a false nose with a false moustache attached under the lenses. It gives a +8 bonus to disguise ability when worn by a man. Female wearers get only a + 4 to disguise. It also gives a –4 to reputation. The nose seems to blend in to the wearer’s face and appears natural. It automatically makes the wearer seem to be a male but other body features that are not facial are not covered as well so other measures may need to be taken to cover.

Spectacles of Far Seeing
By Eric Nickel
Activation: Wear Affinities: Fire Size: Tiny Weight: ½ lb. Occurrence: Rare

These spectacles give the wearer telescopic vision that reduces visual distances to effectively half. They only use a portion of the normal field of view, just like normal glasses, and that causes a problem when using peripheral vision. There is a –2 circumstance penalty to all reflex saves due to the reduced field of vision that stacks with other circumstance modifiers. The spectacles allow the wearer to effectively see long distances in open terrain.

Staff of Calm
By Eric Nickel
Activation: Minimum first level weave Affinities: Air, Water Size: Large Weight: 4 lb. Occurrence: Rare

This staff is made out of gnarled oak. It has a large knob on one end. The staff is six feet tall. When the staff is planted firmly on the ground (Note that it must be the earth, not the floor of a room.) and a weave is put into the knob, the wind speed is reduced by one level for each weave level placed into the staff. This weave acts as the weave Harness the Wind, but only to slow wind down. This effect lasts as long as the caster remains in contact with the staff and concentrates on the weave. When the staff is not in direct contact with the earth, it requires two weave levels for every level of wind speed reduction. There are no distinguishing markings except the knob, which seems to be unnatural if a spot check is made at DC 20.

Stone Spyglass
By Calvin Fort
Activation: None Affinities: Hold to eye Size: Small Weight: 1 lb. Occurance: Uncommon

This polished white stone tube is slightly larger at one end, and has a crystal bar filling the hole in the tube, and has the ancient symbol of the Aes Sedai in the middle of the outside. It functions like a normal spyglass but without the need to focus in your target. It has also been reported to allow the user to see over and around nearby hills and walls.

Stylla’s Vase
By Calvin Fort
Activation: Fill with water, insert flower Affinities: None Size: Small Weight: 3 lb. Occurrence: Rare

This ter’angreal is the perfect centerpiece for any table. It is a very delicate, and semi-transparent, rose-colored crystal decorated with a relief of flowers that would honor any Ogier craftsman. When filled with water, the vase keeps the water at that same level, seemingly pulling water to replace that which the flower drinks from thin air. Flowers placed in the water of this vase stay perfectly healthy and at full bloom for as long as they are within the vase.

Sul’Dam Battle Dress
By Calvin Fort
Activation: Wear Affinities: None Size: Medium Weight: 3 lbs. Occurrence: Rare (Uncommon in the Court of the Nine Moons)

This ter’angreal is identical to any other lightning paneled Sul’Dam dress in appearance. It grants the wearer a +2 resistance bonus to all saving throws, a +2 deflection bonus to armor class, and energy resistance 20 to lightning. Since a Sul’Dam is not very effective without a damane, a damane linked to the wearer gains the same protections. This is deemed a much better investment then creating protective dresses for the damane. The Empress owns all of these dresses, thus any Sul’Dam in direct service of the Empress will most likely be wearing one, and very few others.

The Gloves of the Shadow Clan
By Calvin Fort
Activation: Wear and Concentration Affinities: None Size: Small Weight: ½ lb. Occurrence: Unique //\\..//\\

These gloves were once the mark of the head of the greatest thieves guild ever, called the Shadow Clan. On the back of these gloves is a spider design, the legs tooled in silver, the eyes in red. Somehow the gloves got lost over the years. They have been seen multiple times in several locations, sometimes together, sometimes apart. No one knows their current location.

When worn, the wielder has complete control over their power. Whenever the wielder wishes, the right gloves create a masterwork thieves tools of air, useful for Disable Devise, Escape Artist, and Open Locks. These tools give a +2 bonus to whatever skill they are applied to.

By Scott Garner
Activation: Wear (channeler only) Affinities: None Size: Tiny Weight: 1/2 lb. Occurence: Rare

Wells are (rather suprisingly) storage devices for the One Power. Wells in and of themselves are completely inert, and when empty, are quite capable of being dismissed as nonmagical junk. Wells, much like their distant cousins (angreal and sa'angreal) allow channelers to do things with the One Power that they would be completely unable to do on their own, namely channel when their access to saidar (or saidin) has been blocked.

Wells, when found, are most often found empty (01-50), in which case, they are most often discarded by their discoverers as useless. In other occasions, the Wells are found partially or wholly filled with either saidar (51-75) or saidin (76-00). Wells have a power rating from 1 to 10, with a maximum number of points equal to 2 times their power rating, which can be used to power weaves, using one point for each spell level. 0th level weaves use up a point every two weaves cast, and embracing the Source itself drains 1 point every four rounds the channeler spends embraced.

Wells may be charged with either Saidin or Saidar, but never both at the same time. In order to fill it with either Saidin or Saidar, the Well must be completely drained of all one power from the other sex. The cost of filling the Well is 1 channeling level per point. Hense, if you have a power rating 8 Well, you may fill it by channeling 32 0th level weaves into it, 16 1st level weaves, 8 2nd level weaves, 4 4th level weaves, or 2 8th level weaves. You may also channel in any combination adding up to 16 weave levels (I.E. 4 0th, 3 1st, 4 2nd, and 1 3rd; or 1 9th and 1 7th). The channeler may NOT use an angreal or sa'angreal nor may he/she overchannel to cover these weave levels. They must all come from his/her own extra power. A channeler also may only use the well with weaves up to his or her own max weave level and may not use an angreal or sa'angreal when using the well. Wells may NOT be used when the channeler is shielded where there actual ability to channel has been blocked where in steddings and the like, only their access to Saidin or Saidar has been blocked. The Well acts as an alternate access.

Windfinder’s Conch
By Michelle Pittluck
Activation: Any Weave Affinities: Air, Water, Spirit Size: Small Weight: 1 lb Occurrence: Rare among Windfinders

This Conch shell looks like any conch shell that could be blown into like a horn, and can, in fact, be used as such. However, women with the ability to channel may use it to double the effects of any weave using any and/or all of the three listed affinities for the Conch. If the weave does not only these affinities, the weave is lost.

The Conch is used by channeling into the smaller hole, where one would blow into. Then, as the exits from the larger hole the weave is doubled. In game terms, this effects all aspects of the weave except level. Parts of the weave this Conch effects: Range, Saving Throw, Area. Parts of the weave this Conch does not effect: Level, Damage, Casting Time, Duration, Weave Resistance. If the player has a question about how the Conch effects the weave and it isn’t covered here, its up to the GM to make the final decision. The only difference is that the Saving throw is not perfectly doubled. Instead, when calculating it, you only double the level part (I.E. 10 + (2*level) + Modifier).

Each Windfinder searches for ways to “Find the Wind” differently. Sometimes it almost seems unreal, the way the wind and water sometimes seem to spring up and push the boat on their own. Some have even seen Windfinders blowing into a shell and calling out to the wind with its call. Some of the strongest winds have been reported from these windfinders.