WoT Magic Cards

Most Recent Updates: Added Min Farshaw, Mat the Gambler, and Wavemistress. Need more art ;). New Boardie Card Lard Canada.

Last Update:Added Seafolk Soarer and Seafolk Darter, edited Black Tower. I found model ship designs for the two ships that I really liked. The black tower pic I made darker so you can actually see it. Also, a bunch of new Boardie cards added and edited thanks to Bran, Lord of the Basement.

After having seen a few Magic Cards by Burnout from the comic WoTNow? and a few ideas in our Forums, I decided to have some fun and make some Magic Cards for WoT. The way I do this is by using a program called CCGMaker. It has a couple nifty little things. I put together a bunch of my own templates based upon the old Magic card style. I get an idea for a card by my own thinking or by other people giving them to me. Then I go out and find art to try and fit the card. I try to always reference the artist I used at the bottom of the card, but in some cases I couldnt find one. If you are one of these artists, yes I know I didnt use the art with permission and an email sent to me will take it down. Please dont send me this email as I loved your art and thats why I used it. If you are one of the few artists who I didnt reference, send me an email and I will add your name to the card. My email address is shadowkiller@thetrio.net. You'll have to copy and paste it into your email program, I hate email links. Anyway, onto the cards.

I changed up the page format to hopefully cut down on the server load a little. Now only four cards per page. This way when you load a new page, it will only queue up 4 cards and be done for the moment. One day this server will move to a better connection...bah.

Black - I tried to keep Black cards to Shadowspawn, Shadar Logoth, Darkfriends, and other Shadowy things.

Blue - Blue will be mostly Seafolk and Seanchan.

Green - Green shall be Wolfbrothers, Two Rivers, and other nature like things.

Red - Red will be Male Channelers and the Aiel.

White - White will be Female Channelers and the White Cloaks.

Artifacts - Ter'angreal, Angreal, and Sa'angreal, nuff said.

Gold - Our Heros and Bad Guys from the books.

Land - Places in the WoT world.

Boardie Cards - Cards made by the boardies that are just for fun :).

This is a list of the cards which Im currently working on. Input into pictures would be nice :).
Black Blue Green
None Currently Morat'Torm(Creature)
Seanchan Soldier(Creature)
Mistress of Ships(Creature)
Master of Blades(Creature)
Womens Circle
Red White Artifact
Dance of the Spears(Enchant Creature)
Viel for the Kill(Enchant Creature)
Lightning Bolt(Instant)
Ball Lightning(Creature)
Wrap them in Air(Enchant Creature)
Blue Aes Sedai(Creature)
Green Aes Sedai(Creature)
White Aes Sedai(Creature)
Grey Aes Sedai(Creature)
Yellow Aes Sedai(Creature)
Brown Aes Sedai(Creature)
Whitecloak Soldier(Creature)
Whitecloak Questioner(Creature)
Whitecloak Lord Captain(Creature)
Whitecloak Officer(Creature)
Choden Kal(Sa'angreal)
Little Green Man(Angreal)
Twisted Door(Ter'angreal)
Gold Land Boardie Cards
Dragon Reborn
None Currently Black Space

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Disclaimer: All WoT names are copyright Robert Jordan. All the art is copyright the artists who made it. The Magic Card Templates are copyright Wizards of the Coast. The only thing I own myself is the idea behind the Magic Cards. Do not repost the Magic Cards anywhere without my permission.