WOT History
By Brandon Stolz

Tarmon Gai'don has come and passed. During it Rand al'Thor fought the forces of evil. Linked with 71 other channelers and having almost every major Sa'angreal in the circle, enormous amounts of the One Power were channeled in order to defeat the Dark One. Around the world people felt the effects of the channeling as waves of the One Power washed over everything. After it was done, Rand al'Thor was MIA. The Dark One was successfully sealed back in his prison. The world finally had new hope. Twenty years later, my story begins.

What happened to everyone during these 20 years:

Rand al'Thor - Still MIA, presumed dead by most.

Matrim Cauthon - Lives with his lovely wife Tuon and their daughter (unnamed). Helping the Seanchan pull themselves back together after their fall, and helping to change their ways as well.

Perrin Aybara - Living with his wife Faile and their two sons (unnamed). Lord of New Manetheren.

Min Farshaw - For lack of family, lives with her Father-in-law Tam al'Thor and one son, Thom Farshaw (named after the late Thomdril Merrilin). She helps Perrin through her viewings.

Aviendha - Lives in the Waste with her clan and 4 children 2F, 2M (one named Krishena). Aviendha is now a Wise One.

Elayne Trakand - Lives in Caemlyn as ruler of both the Lion Throne andthe Sun Throne. Her twin children are named Gherit and Andira.

(These three women are all waiting for Rand to return, they are three of the few who still believe he is alive. They also all kept their maiden names to protect the innocent.)

Egwene - Tamyrlin (no not a typo) of the White Tower. Head of both the Male and Female Channelers. Married to Gawyn Trakand who is also her Warder. No children.

Gawyn - Elayne's First Prince of the Sword, took over for Birgitte. Egwene's Warder. Works in Caemlyn during the day and the White Tower at night. The original commuter to work.

Galad - Last known location, Whitecloaks. Rumors of a man fitting his description have cirulated with those of the Whitecloaks.

Moiraine - Searching for Rand, one of the few who believe that he lives.

Lan - Lives with Nynaeve in resurrected Malkier. After the Blight disappeared, they started rebuilding the old nation.

Nynaeve - Lives as Queen of Malkier with Lan and three children (the oldest is Moiraine Mandragoran - Nynaeve made up with Moiraine okay!). Currently head of the Yellow Ajah.

Faile - Lives with Perrin.

Olver - Wandering and trying to find what he is missing.

Birgitte - Runs things in Caemlyn while Gawyn is out. She's still waiting for Gaidal Kain.

Loial - Writing books and traveling.

Thom - Died of natural causes shortly after Tarmon Gai'don.

Logain - Keeper of the Seals in the White Tower. Due to Egwene inviting Logain and the Asha'man to the White Tower, Logain bowed down to her ruling and took second in command.

Morgase - Became the nurse of Elaynes children when Lini died. She enjoys spending time with her Grandchildren as well as using all of Lini's sayings.

Siuan - After the White and Black Towers joined, Siuan learned that one of the Asha'man had healed an Aes Sedai to full power. She underwent a process that resevered her from the source and then rehealed her back to full strength.

Verin - Verin disappeared shortly after the last battle. No sign of her whereabouts has been seen since.

Cadsuane - After the last battle, Cadsuane went back into hiding. Some believe her dead.

Did I miss anyone?

Countries: (Approximate Map)

Saldaea - Ruler: Queen Tenobia Kazadi
  Status: unchanged

Kandor - Ruler: Kind Antol Cosaru
  Status: unchanged

Arafel - Ruler: King Paitar Nachiman
  Status: unchanged

Shienar - Ruler: King Mitato Togita
  Status: No longer actually a  borderland.

Malkier - Ruler: Al'Lan Mandragoran
  Status: rebuilding

Arad Doman - Ruler: Lord Nazran
  Status: unchanged

Tar Valon - Ruler: Tamyrlin Egwene Al'vere
  Status: White and Black Towers have merged.

Cairhien - Ruler: Lord Dobraine Tarborwin (under Elayne Trakand)
  Status: unchanged

Tear - Ruler: King Estean Andiama
  Status: They now have a King.

Illian - Ruler: King Georgian Panar den Lushenos
  Status: unchanged

Andor - Ruler: Queen Elayne Trakand
  Status: No longer rules Two Rivers /  Manetheron

Murandy - Ruler: Roedran Almaricdo Arreloa A'Naloy
  Status: unchanged

Ghealdan - Ruler: Alliandre Maritha Kigarin
  Status: Border areas have changed due to rise of Manetheren and strengthening of Altara's borders.

Amadicia - Ruler: Matrim Cauthon
  Status: Trading Port of the Seanchan

Altara - Ruler: King Beslan Mitsobar
  Status: not owned by the Seanchan

Tarabon - Ruler: Brys
  Status: not owned by the Seanchan

Manetheren - Ruler: Perrin Aybara
  Status: Becoming the great nation they once were.

Other stuff that has changed:

White Tower - It's now full with Men and Women. Logain and Mazrim Taim fought over Black tower, Logain won. The Black tower was destroyed in the process and Egwene invited Logain and the Asha'man into the White Tower. The men didn't like it being all white and decided to add a little something. The White Tower now stands in all its glory with a black stripe spiraling down it from top to bottom. It's current missions, to find new housing, and to rebuild the Ways with the help of the Ogier.

The Blight - Now called the Frozenlands. The Blight all but disappeared after Tarmon Gai'don. The Shadowspawn were forced to flee to other places. They used the Ways, and some small nests are still active and at large. Some say the Blight isn't all gone.

Whitecloaks - Decimated and all but nonexistent due to the Seanchan invasion. Rumors of a Whitecloak army forming somewhere are heard far and wide.

Seanchan - When the Seanchan found out that their Suldam could channel, their whole society practically fell apart. Due to this, the Empress (may she live forever) killed herself. Mat told his wife that they could fix things and since then have been proving it, but not without problems. The Return died due to this discovery.

Ogier - The Ogier are learning to overcome the longing with help from the Seanchan Ogier who never seemed to have contracted it. They are also working with the Aes Sedai to rebuild the Ways. The only problem, the Talisman of Growing has been lost.

The Ways - Due to the Taint being removed from Saidin, the ways slowly cleared up. The Aes Sedai took it upon themselves to help fix it and bring it back into working order.

The Seafolk - At war with an unknown force.

The Isle of Madmen - Perhaps a society is forming now that the madness has stopped.

Creatures - Due to the waves of One Power created by Rand al'Thor during Tarmon Gai'don, some creatures mutated and some began life without a mother. There have been instances of Living Fire and Living Water being seen. Also, there are rumors of the Raken now having mutated offspring. Are the Da'raken real?

Tuatha'an - After they realized that they held the same ancestry as the Aiel and after learning about Rhuidean, they travelled there. After walking through the giant ter'angreal they finally relearned their song. They now travel and help towns grow crops. The Tuatha'an are well respected now.

Aiel - The Aiel returned to the Three Fold Land after having been nearly destroyed while fighting in the final battle. Many of the old Clans have been wiped out due to the large loss from the battle.

This concludes my history for my world. If you have any questions about it, email me and I will add answers here.