Here are some of the resources we use in my game

Last Updated: October 27, 2002

Our additions - This is a document with our additions in it. I haven't updated the document in a month or more but it contains most of everything on the website. Expect the update within the month

Book Errata - This was the Official/Unofficial Errata found on the Tower Library website found on my links page. Updated to version 2.0 by Vish, it covers much more then the previous version. All the things that I DON'T use from this document I have made rulings on House Rules page for.

Calendar - This is my version of Robert Jordans Calendar. I attempted to put in every holiday listed in the resource book but since I don't have it with me right now and I made this calendar a long time ago, I can't tell you how accurate it is. The colors are ment to represent phases of the moon, but as I was just saying, the first month apparently has a full moon holiday. This is why I suspect its accuracy.

Wheel of Time Web Enchancement - This is the Wheel of Time web enhancement put out by WoTC.

My Character Sheet - I took the official WoTC WoT character sheet and added fields and calculations. It may be a bit slow, but it is completely usable and you can input all data and it will automatically calculate many things. Again, I warn you, it is slow. This is due to the 25+ calculations it does on the first page alone. But it looks nice when you print it out :-).